On Money. pt I

People above the line of base subsistence, in this age, and all earlier ages, do not use surplus, which society has given them, primarily for useful purposes. They do not seek to expand their own lives, to live more wisely, intelligently, understanding, but to impress other people with the fact that they have a surplus…spending money, time and effort quite uselessly in the pleasurable business of inflating the ego.

Thorstein Veblen- The Theory of Leisure Class

What is good for an individual household is good for the Planet if it is done with vision and purpose. Self-Interest can be our ally in helping each other to get off the treadmill. But the consumer culture has become adept at blurring the distinction between self-interest and selfishness, so most of us find it easy to slide into quagmires of debt, spending and consuming when all we really want is a reasonable level of comfort and security.

Roger Ringer

I learned very early and painfully that you have to decide at the outset whether you are trying to make money or make sense- I feel that they are mutually exclusive.

Buckminster Fuller