The Unheroic Hypothesis.

The Unheroic Hypothesis– the sense of defeat, or disaster, or futility, that seems to underlie so much modern writing. Colin Wilson- The Age of Defeat

The impetus that makes you fly is our great human possession. Everybody has it. It is the feeling of being linked with the roots of power, but one soon becomes afraid of this feeling.. That is why most people shed their wings and prefer to walk and obey the law.

Hermann Hesse- Demian

For some people this evasion of one’s growth, setting low levels of aspiration, the fear of doing what one is capable of doing, voluntary, self-crippling… are in fact defenses against grandiosity, arrogance, sinful pride, hubris. There are people who cannot manage that graceful integration between the humility and the pride which is absolutely necessary for creative work.

To invent or create you must have the “arrogance of creativeness” which so many investigators have notices. But, of course, if you only have the arrogance without the humility, then you are in fact [delusional]. You must be aware not only of the godlike possibilities within, but also of the the existential human limitations…If you can be amused by the worm trying to be god then in   fact you may be able to go on trying and  being arrogant without fearing [delusions of grandeur]…This is a good technique.”

Abraham Maslow- The Father Reaches of Human Nature